After 11 years of owning and running ReEmergence, i have decided to take a long sabbatical from designing and developing websites. I am going to use this time to recharge and reenergize my love for owning and running my own business. Founding ReEmergence in 2000 was one of the greatest joys of my life. I have loved creating the online presence for so many businesses, whether they were a solopreneur or a growing million dollar company. I have learned so much along the way and I have seen my talents grow as my knowledge about this industry and about busines in general, has increased. I have had a great many successes and amazing achievements during this time. It has allowed me to be present to grieve after the loss of my husband in 2008 and to be there everyday when my boys got off the bus from school. It has allowed me the freedom to try many new things and to realize the unlimited potential of my creativity. It has been an incredible journey!

At this time I need to stop for a while and recharge my batteries and just take time out to be a Mom and focus on creating some balance in my life. As you know, entrepreneurship, although incredibly rewarding, can also be very depleting. At this time my cup is near empty and I need to fill it up again.

If you are a current client of ReEmergence, we will continue to support you and complete your project to its completion. I will be available to respond to current inquiries and small requests but I will not be starting or launching any new projects submitted after September 28, 2011. In my absence, my strategic partner Malini Sunthur of Dynamic Biz will be availble to complete any website development projects. Malini and I have worked together for over 5 years creating and developing website projects. She is a wonderful person and a joy to work with, and I know you will appreciate her professionalism and prompt response to your project requests. Malini has a talented team of graphic artists and developers to create any new website projects, both large and small. Please email her if you have a project request and she will be happy to assist you.

This was a very difficult decision for me. Creating and launching a company was a lifelong dream of mine and I was honored to have met so many wonderful business owners during these past 11 years. As I begin the next phase of my journey I will take many of the lessons I have learned with me to my next challenge. They have shaped the person that I am today. I thank you so much for gracing my life.

All the best,

Franka Baly
Founder, ReEmergence, LLC.

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